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I also work at UCF’s Robinson Observatory, located on campus.  During the Spring and Fall semesters, we host weekly open house nights.  For more information on this, please see the following links:

Open House Schedule         Robinson Observatory Facebook Page


Another Ivar video made using Blender software.




cropped-2015-05-26-04.17.292-e1434771714527.pngTenerife, Spain (with volcano Teide faint in the background)



arecibo 20150421_222459

2015-05-04 20.06.342015-04-21 21.40.47















Coqui in Puerto Rico




Arecibo Observatory’s Gregorian Dome (top) and  Cane Toad in Puerto Rico (bottom)

2016-03-06 16.38.48obligatory internet cat photo =)


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