Here you will find abstracts that were submitted to conferences that I attended as well as posters that were presented.



ACM 2017 - Oral Presentation

 Jenna Crowell ACM2017 standard

   ACM 2017 ABS


Paper:  Crowell, Jenna L., Ellen S. Howell, Christopher Magri, Michael C. Nolan, Yanga R. Fernández, James E.      Richardson, Brian D. Warner, Sean E. Marshall, Alessondra Springmann, and Ronald J. Vervack Jr. "Radar          and Lightcurve Shape Model of Near-Earth Asteroid (1627) Ivar." Icarus 291 (2017): 254-67.


AOGS 2016 - Poster Presentation

DPS    2016 - Poster Presentation

jennacrowell_aogs2016_poster    2016-10-18-11-18-03

DPS 2016 ABS

LPSC 2016 ABS ( Unable to attend)


AAS 2016 - Poster Presentation

DPS 2015 - Poster Presentation


AAS 2016 ABS

DPS 2015 ABS


TherMoPS II 2015 - Oral Presentation

TherMoPS 2015 ABS    You can watch TherMoPS II seminars on YouTube: Thermops 2


 LPSC 2015 - Poster Presentation











 LPSC 2015 ABS

 DPS 2014 - Poster Presentation             

DPS Poster










 DPS 2014 ABS


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